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HK Walls

acrylic on concrete / acrylique sur béton

Hong-Kong, China / Chine

artiste zoer zoerism fresque murale peinture acrylique de sainer sur epave de voiture hkwall hong kong china 2017

In Hong Kong for the edition 2017 of the HK Walls, Zoer was invited to realize a new painting.

Now in its third year, HKwalls is an urban art festival held every year in Hong Kong. The festival moves between graffiti and street art and represents one of the most interesting events in the city. In this context the latest work of Zoer is born. The artist's research, draws from the real, from photographs and memories, reworked and developed according to the work space. The french mural artist looks at the city as the main inspiration, not just as a stage or set design. The contemporary painter collects sensations, stimuli and images from the urban space, reworking their appearance and intertwining elements within completely different contexts.


Working through a realistic style, Zoer creates surreal compositions based on reality and able to stimulate a reflection on our relationship with the city and with everyday life. Entitled "Umbrellas", the painting saw Zoer first work on an unprecedented scaffolding entirely built with bamboo. The artist was confronted with the spaces of a large building, working in the lower part of the same. The intervention is a portrait of Sainer (Etam Crew), with an umbrella in his hand, in front of a semi-destroyed Opel Rekord. Waiting to discover the next updates of the artist, we leave you to the image at the bottom of our text, take a look and stay tuned here on the Gorgo.

Text by Diego Fadda, founder of ilgorgo :

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