Acrylic on concrete / acrylique sur béton, 2015

Dimensions variable / Dimensions variables

Lodz, Poland / Pologne


A sepia toned carrousel illusion is painted with acrylic with a band of Tokyo signage intruding across the top. If you happen to divine meaning from or read something into this new composition on a wall for Lodz Murals, you may be reacting to the CSX crew’s experience and love for  graffiti, design, and urbanism. Enlarging a seemingly random moment of the city experience, this one is lifted directly from a Tokyo amusement park. Inspired by their GEISAI show this spring and their interactions with curator Takashi Murakami 村上隆 while there, it is possible that Tokyo has left them feeling a little psychedelic about our built environment.


The long time friends and collaborators Velvet and Zoer are reflecting the urban experience as frozen moments, elevating what may be considered mundanity to be reconsidered as possibly poetry through a cracked mirror or camera lens. But to be clear, “This mural doesn’t talk about Cop 21 nor about Paris attacks,” says Zoer. As Frenchman, you can see how their fans could be pre-disposed to interpreting anything they do as possible commentary on two events that people associate with Paris at the moment. “The Japanese typography on the top of the piece is taken from an advertisement for the 40th anniversary of the invention of Walkman in Japan,” says Lodz Murals Michał Bieżyński, “I guess that everybody could tell their own story and should interpret it in their own way. I really like the piece because it’s not something obvious, not something easy to recognize. I hope that at least part of the audience will stop and think, ‘Hey, what’s going on here?’ ”

Text by Brooklyn Street Art :