Exhibition initiated by / Exposition initié par Takashi Murakami

Hidari Zingaro

Tokyo, Japan / Japon

California Sunset, 2015, oil on canvas, 130 x 160 cm, private collection

California Sunset, 2015, huile sur toile, 130 x 160 cm, collection privée

La route sans fin, 2015, oil on canvas, 190 x 130 cm, private collection

La route sans fin, 2015, huile sur toile, 190 x 130 cm, collection privée

Des rumeurs et des forêts, 2015, oil on canvas, 180 x 130 cm, private collection

Des rumeurs et des forêts, 2015, huile sur toile, 180 x 130 cm, collection privée

SLEEP APNEA, 2015, oil on canvas, 180 x 130 cm, private collection

SLEEP APNEA, 2015, huile sur toile, 180 x 130 cm, collection privée

Common nuisance, 2015, oil on canvas, 180 x 130 cm, Takashi Murakami's collection

Common nuisance,, 2015, huile sur toile, 180 x 130 cm, collection de Takashi Murakam

Crystal Ship, 2015, installation : wood and video

Crystal Ship, 2015, installation : bois et vidéo

Les souvenirs disparus, 2015, on site specific oil painting

Les souvenirs disparus,, 2015, peinture à l'huile in-situ

For fourteen years, the art event GEISAI has helped many young artists debut and showcase their works. After its twentieth installment, GEISAI is now moving on to a new phase.

The venue for this next phase will be Kaikai Kiki's Zingaro galleries in Nakano Broadway. To these spaces, the project will summon graffiti artists, street artists, and other cross-genre creators from around the world. Titled "GEISAI∞ infinity," the project features a new series of exhibitions centered around the creative release artists experience when they abandon the contextual emphasis of contemporary art. Following previous exhibitions by JNTHED and NAWER, GEISAI will introduce the third installment in the series: ZOER & VELVET - "L'etat Limite."

ZOER & VELVET first met in design school and became fast friends due to their shared passion for graffiti and three- dimensional objects. By sharing and competing with one another through their artwork, they have been able to take their skill and creativity to new heights. The title and core theme of their show, "L'etat Limite," is a reference to addiction, though in this case, the addiction they speak of is a particular phenomenon which results from breaking down the relationship between humans and material things. Under normal circumstances, humans and objects are separated by an invisible yet still substantial border. However, if we are able to intensify their relationship, that border begins to disappear and we find ourselves led to a new universe free from the constraints of reality. The comfort of that reality thus becomes, in the artists' minds, an addiction. We hope that you will come to experience the artists' unique perspective and spatial staging for your- self.

Text by juxtapoz.com

Photo by Ikki Ogata